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I am a musician with a passion for learning and teaching. I have played music with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and skill levels, both in an educational and a therapeutic setting. I have experience and training in adapting my teaching approach for people who have challenges learning and succeeding in music. I have now been teaching music for over ten years! I believe that the best progress in the study of music comes from integrating multiple aspects of music, from technique to theory to personal expression. I tailor my teaching style for each student, as the learning process is different for each individual, and aim to help students achieve success and enjoyment. I am committed to providing a fun, comfortable environment for people of all backgrounds to learn and improve their musical skills. I am a member of the Davis Music Teachers' Association of Davis, CA, and can be found on the DMTA website

I grew up in Davis and participated in the Davis school string program for nine years. Starting on the violin, I chose the viola as my primary instrument in junior high and have served as principal violist in multiple orchestras. As a student at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, my string quartet toured several states in the Midwest to promote interest in classical music. I graduated with a degree in music (and a minor in Japanese) from UC Davis. I enjoy all genres of music, and have played in many ensembles, from symphony orchestras to drum circles. In my spare time, I volunteer at the UCD Craft Center, where I do ceramics and screen printing.