Music Lessons

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Mission statement

To help students achieve their goals in music, and to enrich people's lives through the study of music.


What kinds of lessons are available?

Violin and viola lessons

I offer violin and viola lessons to students ages 8 and up. I welcome all skill levels and musical backgrounds. I typically teach lessons 30-60 minutes in length.

Audition preparation

I have extensive experience with orchestra auditions, both as a performer and as an audition judge. Students who are preparing for an audition can benefit from lessons (either on a short-term or long-term basis) that focus specifically on audition skills and materials.

Chamber music coaching

I offer "coachings" for chamber groups (duets, trios, quartets, etc). The purpose of a coaching is to help a group of students to improve cohesion, musicianship, and performance. A coaching is usually at least an hour in length.

Ear training and music theory

I also offer lessons in general music skills and music fundamentals, specifically ear training and music theory. Ear training helps improve a student's ear for music, and particularly improves intonation, harmony, and rhythm. Music theory teaches students how music is put  together, and how to analyze a piece of music to understand what makes it special.

You do not have to play the violin or the viola to take lessons in ear training and music theory! Anyone who loves music can benefit from these lessons.


Why study with me?

  1. Friendly, personalized, and fun learning environment
  2. Students can learn and play many different musical styles
  3. Flexible lesson scheduling
  4. I emphasize reading and sight-reading skills
  5. I know the DJUSD strings program firsthand—I started playing music in it!
  6. My students become well-rounded, independent musicians


Other information

I offer a trial lesson at a discounted rate to give students the opportunity to see if my teaching is a good fit for them. I find it can be very helpful for both students and the teacher to meet once before committing to weekly lessons. To schedule a trial lesson, please visit my Contact page.

I am currently accepting new students!