Are you currently accepting new students?


What are your rates for lessons?

My rates depend on the duration and type of lesson.  Please contact me if you would like to hear my lesson rates.

Do you teach using a particular method, like Suzuki?

I do not use a single teaching method. I use a variety of method books, including Suzuki. I like to tailor my teaching approach to each individual student. This includes playing music outside of the classical realm!

Do you teach students younger than 8 years old?

I do occasionally teach students under 8 years old, but most of my students are 8 and up. If your child is younger, but very enthusiastic, they may be ready to learn violin or viola!

Do you ever travel to teach at a student's house?

In general, I only teach at my studio location. Occasionally I travel to teach at a student's house, but I charge more for these lessons to cover the cost of travel. If the student is a young child, I also require that a parent be present at the home during the lesson.

Do you allow people to observe your lessons?

Yes! If you are a potential student, you are welcome to inquire about observing a lesson free of charge. However, the availability of lesson observations depends on my current schedule and the participation of the student being observed. Please contact me to inquire about observing a lesson or to schedule your own trial lesson.

Are you available for weddings and other events?

Yes! I am available to play either violin or viola. Please contact me with the location and date of your event to receive a quote. I am also happy to send you a list of repertoire.